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Krivo School of Hockey Elite Coaching Staff

Hockey Coach Andrei Krivokrasov

Andrei Krivokrasov

Director of Skills and Mite Development
Head Coach Squirt Major

Krivo School of Hockey Elite was originally established by Coach Andrei to provide an elite level player development program from his vision and what he learned in his homeland of Russia. Krivo School of Hockey Elite's mission is to provide the highest level of skill development and to prepare players for their future whatever that may be. Our goal is not only to develop highly competitive athletes, but more importantly to prepare them for life through the value of hard work, perseverance, and commitment to a team.

"I'm excited for the upcoming season as it brings about the biggest growth to date. As the program continues to grow and expand, I'm growing as a coach and learning every year to get better from every coach on our staff. As a coach I expect and demand from my players what I demand of myself everyday: commitment, hard work ethic, grit, team commitment, passion, respect and love of the game, and zero complacency."

-Andrei Krivokrasov

Please contact Andrei: akrivo@krivoschoolofhockey.com

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