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Fredrik Olofsson
drafted by Chicago Blackhawks in the
2014 NHL Entry Draft
4th round, 98th overall.

Working with Andrei for the past couple years now has been great. He really works a lot with the small things and has great attention to detail. Everything from my edge-work to transitions has gotten a lot better and with the skating work, there is a lot of hands and shooting involved as well. Having a coach that can actually do your drills at a really high pace is great and coach Andrei has some of the fastest hands I've seen. One timers and quick release is something we try to focus on and getting that puck off quick has really helped benefit my game. The practices are a perfect mix of conditioning and skill-work. Working on these things with Andrei over the summers has made me into the player I am today and he will keep making a better hockey player.

-Fredrik Olofsson




Hakan Olofsson

Every offseason is an opportunity to set yourself apart from your competition. Everyone is capable of putting in the hard work, but as i've learned it is more about who you work with that ultimately makes the difference. Andrei is a one of a kind on-ice skills coach that has had the experience of playing at a very high level of hockey himself. He demonstrates every drill and every detail to perfection which makes it easy to visually understand and execute the skills that are being taught. I've worked with Andrei for a long time now, and he's helped me gain the advantage i need every off season in order for me to continually move on to the next level. No doubt, it is the perfect off season on ice training program if you are looking to get the most out of your hard work. I wouldn't turn to anyone but Coach Krivo to round out my game.

-Hakan Olofsson

Jackson Barliant
Colorado U16 AAA

Andrei Krivokrasov’s School of Hockey was an exceptional experience. The training not only helped me reach my maximum level of strength and skill, but helped me to transform my game. The strength training took into consideration my own personal needs and allowed me to develop in all areas of performance. The on-ice experience was extraordinary. All aspects of my skills were addressed and I have never performed better. In summary, I have never had a better or more effective training and conditioning experience. I highly recommend Andrei Kirvokrasov’s School of Hockey for anyone who wants to be at the top of their game.

-Michelle and Jared Barliant



Brooke Ahbe
Dartmouth University

Working with Andrei whenever I am back home is always an exceptional skate. Off season, and breaks I have within my hockey schedule I always find it as a time to get better and focus on my skills. Andrei really does focus on details to make the slightest adjustments to improve my game. Working on all hockey skills is the most important part of the game that every player can always get better at and Andrei’s skates focuses on these. The ice sessions are always high intensity and a learning experience I take with me no matter what age I have been with working with him. I have learned something new every time. The skills I have learned from Andrei has benefited my game tremendously overall.

-Brooke Ahbe, Darmouth University

Taylor Bombardiere
PeeWee B

The energy Andrei brings and the level of commitment he gives to each child and their family is tremendous.  He works individually with each child on the specific things they need to work most on and he talks with the parents individually as well.  I also love that he demands a high level of discipline from his players on the ice.  Practices move along like clockwork…there is no wasted ice time…no drills with 2 kids playing and 15 kids watching… and you do not ever see kids goofing off...though they are have a great time.   My son looks forward to hockey practice now like no other event in the week. >READ MORE

Ryan Haack
Phoenix Jr. Coyotes

Andrei is the best coach and trainer I’ve ever had. He gave me the best on and off ice training. On ice he taught me many techniques that improved my shot 10-15 mph, my passes got harder, I got much stronger on the puck, I improved my stick handling, and he pushed me to the limit and made that limit higher. During off- ice training we did the skating treadmill which made me stronger on my feet, a faster skater and I gained the endurance to be able to go faster for a longer amount of time. Additionally my upper body has gotten really strong with drills and exercises.  I hit harder, I shoot harder and I pass harder. He is an amazing coach I recommend him to anyone who wants to improve in hockey.  He will change your game like you could never believe.

Jacob Slavin
Jaccob Slavin
Colorado U16 AAA

We came to Andrei looking for an elite training program. The program was awesome because we did both on-ice and off-ice training. Every time we were with Andrei the intensity was high and focused on form, power, and quickness. During his program, Andrei improved my skating speed and stride. He helped my footwork get quicker, he improved my puck handling skills, and he worked on the mechanics of my shot. Another great thing about his program was the off-ice. We would do the skating treadmill which helped to lengthen my stride and put more power into it as well.  The main points he would cover in off-ice was quickness in the feet and power in the legs and core. Andrei has an infinite love for the game of hockey and is willing to help anyone. I look forward to spending every off season working out with Andrei and Krivo School of Hockey.

Grahm Gaydos

My son has been in learn to skate classes since he was three and then spent two years in the 8U Jr. Pioneers Hockey program at the University of Denver, but he just wasn’t improving compared to his teammates.  He had trouble listening to the coaches during practice, and just wasn’t engaged in the instruction...
  >Read More


Palmer Lynn

Our son started skating as a 4 year old  Three years later we were impressed at his ability and skill level until our team played Krivo School of Hockey in the spring of 2010.  Not only were their kids cognitively aware of the rules of the game but their fundamental skills of skating were superior to any other U8 skater at the jamboree... >Read More

I came to Krivo looking to strengthen my shot as well as my quickness with the puck.  Coach Andrei made me work very hard every time I was on the ice which has helped me get to the top level.  I know that when I train with him I am always bettering my hockey game.  All the drills I do while training with him have a purpose and they all help work towards the goal you want to meet.  Training with Andrei the past two years has been an exceptional experience and I will continue to train with him because I know he will get me to where my goals are.

-McKenzie Taggart
U19 AAA Colorado Selects

Jace Gamble

Our son Jace has played hockey for 4 years.  At only seven years old, he has shown tremendous talent.  We had him in hockey camps and teams we thought we were good.  Until he started skating for Krivo School of Hockey, it was very repetitive.  Since being with coach Andrei, he has shown an increased interest, as well as many styles and moves that he has learned since then.  He is always excited to go to hockey, and can’t wait to tell us about the new skills he’s learned.  Andrei has him motivated and developed him into even more than he already was.  Jace has been skating with Andrei for a little over six months, and we are so excited to continue our journey forward with our son’s hockey with Andrei coaching him.  The change in that little time is incredible and I can’t wait to see future results!

- Jon and Jenni Gamble

Austin Krantz

Austin Krantz

You and your staff have been so inspiring to our son Austin.  Thank you for the continual time and effort you and your staff have shown him.  The dedicated coaches on ice have shown him proper technique and skills that have made him a more skilled player.  The off-ice training at the Krivo School of Hockey has been invaluable.  The conditioning, strength and core training he has received has made him a stronger player on the ice.   Not only have you taught him a great deal about the great game of ice hockey, he has also learned many life lessons. 

 Thank you so very much

- Richard & Gena Krantz

Gustav Olofsson

Gustav Olofsson

" I really enjoyed skating with Andrei and his program. Working with Andrei has given me that “extra” which has helped me gain an advantage both on and off the ice.

Andrei and his staff have great experience and are very supportive. With this program I learned to pay attention to detail and that every second on the ice matters. I also had a ton of fun while working out and it was overall a great learning experience. I will for sure return to skate with Andrei in the future."



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